Not long ago in my quiet time with God, He led me to when Moses sent out the spies to check out the promised land.  I did a sermon on this… it’s available on our website… but one of the thoughts I’d like to share with you is that when the spies came back…there were 12 of them…2 of them were excited for the good land that God was giving them and affirmed that God was indeed giving them the land. 10 affirmed the land was good but then reported the obstacles of the land. Just as an aside. the Bible tells us the men of that land were “giants” and this is what the 10 said,” We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” Wow! What we see in ourselves will be what others will see in us!

But the point I wanted to make is that the whole of Israel listened to the voices of the ten and though they were only days away from the land God had promised them, they would wander in the wilderness for 40 more years because they trust man and not God.

The question is…what voices are we listening to? Are you hearing things that tear down your faith? Are you listening to people with agendas who seek to divide? This isn’t the only time in scripture where who we hear will make differences in our lives…… Be careful whose voice your trust.  Too often when we hear a negative report, we tend to believe it.. Relationships have been broken by gossip. I challenge us to be people who seek truth. Ask the hard questions…give grace and forgiveness and intertwined in it all, listen for the voice of God. Seriously, He has a plan for your life and yes there might be mountains and battles but the future is a gift…listen to the Voice that will lead you into your good land!