My prayer this morning:

Almighty God….There are things facing us today that only You can control. Some of my friends are waiting for test results and anxiety robs their peace. Some of my friends are doing new things today that they have never done before and they are unsure of the results. Some of my friends are dealing with addictions that presents itself as “too big”  and “you can’t beat me” and we can’t God…not on our own…how we need you! Some of my friends are facing health issues that have stolen their lives. Some of my friends are feeling so far from You today and wondering if they have sinned away their day of grace. Some of my friends have dreams and longings that seem out of reach and impossible. Some of my friends are facing financial crisis and despair paints the day and depression robs us of who we are. Some of my friends are facing the ripping apart of families and moms and dads are hurting …children are feeling abandoned. Help! God, you are the God of the impossible. You are the Victorious God, You are our healer and our provider and You love us beyond what we can imagine…I pray today that we would run to You and not from You. That we would have Your wisdom…Your strength…Your peace… Meet our needs and today show us where we can be Your hands and feet to others.  I pray that we would lay down our wanting and embrace Your will. God, forgive us when we have gone our own way and strayed from “home.” Forgive us for sin…God, we want to be in a right place with You. Be our ‘daddy’ God today…Hold us when we can’t hold on and let your peace reign in our hearts today.