II Chronicles 20


*** The first few minutes of this sermon are not on this audio but here is the transcript of what is missing: One of my very favorite scriptures comes from the Old Testament. Because it is one of my favorites, I know you have heard me preach on it before. But I have to tell you—every time […]

Seek First


I just want you to know that toward the end of this audio, our worship leader, Tiffany was overcome by the Spirit of the Lord and could not continue to sing for a while. Love it!



Earlier in the service our 5 year old grandson shared a memory verse and sang a song he had learned in church

You Can Hear From God

The First part of this sermon is without audio but please wait until about 2 minutes into this and thank you Cheri for filling in for us.  



I would you to take a moment and view a video that we shared before I went into the message. Son of God|Anthony Evans|Mercy Tree

The Triumphal Entry


      In the middle of this sermon I showed a video from You Tube “What People Really Think: Jesus vs. Christian” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YztvjePz0uk