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I would you to take a moment and view a video that we shared before I went into the message. Son of God|Anthony Evans|Mercy Tree

The Triumphal Entry


      In the middle of this sermon I showed a video from You Tube “What People Really Think: Jesus vs. Christian”



This sermon starts with Tiffany singing the song ” More than anything.” by Natalie Grant. It’s a little hard to understand as the quality wasn’t the best. Please take a moment to listen to this song online.

Be Still


I need to Preface this message by saying that this is a message I shared with our community at the Lenten Service. Our community is so incredible …we have 6 churches and so we have Lenten services together and we preach in each other’s churches. So I shared this at the Spring Valley Lutheran Church. […]



The last few weeks we have been focusing in on Jesus’ journey toward Jerusalem and the cross and what that means to us today.

Intentional Jesus

I told you last week that the next few weeks I wanted to take you on a journey toward the cross. You already know me so you know that I am not traditional in my thought process. That’s ok though…that’s just how I roll. I am reading in Luke’s gospel and when Luke is beginning […]


One of the things that is not easy to establish in our homes is a family devotion. I know without a doubt that it not only brought us closer to God but brought us closer to each other as well. So this morning I want to simply illustrate what Don and I have done. We […]

Slow Fade

When I read my Bible I will often highlight something that resonates in me or I will write in the margins thoughts that come to me when I’m reading and sometimes I like to just read over some of the things that spoke to me. The other morning I was doing that though I & II Kings and in II Kings Chapter 17:9

John – Signs

Jesus—Jesus really did come from heaven to earth as a human baby. Jesus really did the miracles recorded in the Bible and many more. Jesus really did teach the way to eternal life and relationship with God. Jesus really did lay down His life. Jesus really did die a death of horrible crucifixion. Jesus really did rise again. Jesus lives today.