I’m doing the “Read the Bible Through in a Year” (except I get too caught up in it to just read the suggested reading;-) I’m reading in Exodus and how everything in the temple was built according to a pattern that God gave them and I came across this verse (Exodus 38:8): “They made the bronze basin and its bronze stand from the mirrors of the women who served at the entrance at the Tent of Meeting.” That verse grabbed hold of me today!

I can get so caught up in what I look like…My weight is a constant typewriter in my head (yes, I know that dates me) “you need to lose weight”  “look at that roll of fat” If you have ever been fat, you know the nagging. And at this age I see the double chin and the wrinkles and the age spots etc… to the point that it keeps me from embracing others. “I don’t want them to see me like this”…. Hate it!

These women in this verse gave God an offering…a gift. Their mirror.  I can’t tell you how deeply that speaks to me!

“Here God, I give You my vanity…I give You my pride…I give You my flaws…I give You my imperfections. I choose to give You the thing that obsesses me. Instead of looking at my reflection with a critical eye, I choose to accept Your adoration of me as a beloved daughter. Truthfully, I will never be beautiful except in Your eyes.  And somehow inside of me I think that’s how You see me.

Today, God, I give You my mirror.