Today is the day that we observe the death of Jesus on the cross. I pray that you will find the time…Yes, I said ‘find’ because it won’t just happen…find the time to sit and feel.
I would suggest you get a Bible and turn to Isaiah 53 and read a prophecy of the Christ …long before He would come.
Feel the words, ‘despised,’ ‘rejected,’ ‘stricken,’ ‘afflicted,’ ‘pierced,’ ‘crushed,’ ‘oppressed.’
And personalize it: “Jesus took my infirmity…he carried my sorrow…Jesus was pierced for my transgression ….the punishment that brought me peace, was upon Him……
When I was a child, well-meaning teachers or people who wanted to share Jesus with me would sometimes say, “Karen, if you had been the only one needing salvation, Jesus would have come and died for just you.” I didn’t say it out loud but I didn’t believe that …not at all. I don’t think that anyone knew I felt that way.
Much later in my life, I had a surreal moment when Jesus was so real to me that I felt absolutely loved and held by Him. ..It was so real! And in that private, very real moment, I heard Him speak to my spirit and say to me, “Karen, if you had been the only one, I would have come just for you.” I cannot tell you what that moment meant for me…but I KNOW it to be the truth. What happened on that Thursday….that awful Friday….Saturday….and Sunday, He did for me….
He also did it for you. There’s a song that has been written that says, “When He was on the cross, I was on His mind.”
He knows our sin….He knows our failings…He knows our thoughts… He knows our struggles and He loves us. Loves us enough that He said, “Yes” to taking our sin and punishment… “Yes” to the betrayal… “Yes” to the beatings…. “Yes” to the humiliation…. “Yes” to the cross… and “yes” to death.
On the cross that day, He disarmed the power of sin and death…forever!
So that He… along with all of us… could say “yes’ to eternal life.
If you haven’t done that…I pray that this Easter will be your resurrection moment.