It’s Palm Sunday this Sunday and Easter is just a week away. There are so many emotions that we go through at this time of year…all appropriate.
There is a deep grieving that our hearts should go through as we remember the awful price that Jesus had to pay because of our sin. And that should bridge into a heart repentance for the many times we have sinned and failed this past year.
There is an overwhelming sense of unworthiness as we contemplate so great a love that God would send His Son to take our sin and restore us to relationship with Him.
There is all that and more, but I want to take you to the Worship and Praise. That’s what the crowds did that day as Jesus made His way to Jerusalem… they cut palm branches and waved them before the Lord as He rode into that city. “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!”
That day in Jerusalem, they expected Him to declare His kingdom and make life better for them. And in one short week they went from praise to hate and murder.
We are so self-centered. When God doesn’t meet our expectations, we turn on Him. How many time have I heard, “If there was a God, Why…..(anything)? Or “God is punishing me.” It’s so all about us. Listen to our prayers… “God help me.” “Meet my needs…” “Do this…”’’Protect me…” “Protect the ones I love….”…” Spare me…”
That convicts me….I am made of the same cloth. If life gets tough, I tend to pull away from God and question and argue…. Oh not so much with God… but in actuality… it is.
Is God real?…Is He big enough?… Can He really forgive?.. Why’s He taking this out on me?…I think He must be secretly holding my sin against me because nothing’s going right in my life………
Seriously, who are we to think that we can figure God out? Look at the cross. Never would we imagine that something as horrible as that could be good! And yet it is the deepest expression of LOVE and grace!
Truthfully if I could offer up a prayer that would express my heart, it would honestly be…God, You know best, so here, I give you my life and my world…What You want, what you planned in heaven…let it happen here in my life and here on earth…
Oh wait.. I think you taught us to pray like that….
“Thy kingdom come…
Thy will be done on earth…… it is in heaven.
“Oh God, help me to stop reasoning and trying to control and help me instead to trust You
Here…accept my praise. Accept my worship and forgive me because my efforts at it.. seem so simple …so unworthy of who You are.
You are God…. I am not. Show me how to fall at Your feet and Worship.”