My husband and I had the privilege of caring for a friend diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Honestly, as we watched him suffer and lose bodily functions, there were times I wished I could end his suffering and “help him home to heaven.” It was a year long process. But one of the sweetest moments in all of this was in his final breaths—when he was bed-ridden…his body had shut down and abandoned him….he could no longer walk or talk or do anything for himself —in those final moments as his daughter was saying her final goodbye, he reached up to attempt to brush her tears away. What an incredibly precious…precious, moment! Her daddy loving her to the end. If I would have had my way, I would have ended the suffering of my friend and taken away a daughter’s last moment with her daddy.

Abortion takes away all those moments. The Bible tells us that God sees our unformed bodies and He’s the One—the One who created this mind-boggling world we live in—He’s the One who creates each one of us—so unique—so rare—no one else like you! And we, with the lie of abortion, say to God, “You don’t know what you’re doing” and we throw away a miracle. Almost, if not more than 2000 miracles every day! And most of them—seriously—most of them because of inconvenience. Stop believing the lies that a woman has the right to do this simply because God gave her the gift of protecting this baby while he is getting ready to live. We are taking a life of the most innocent. WE have to stop this! Let’s say no to the people in authority who fight for this. Abortion—when used for either personal convenience or population control is murder.