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We’re back!!!

by Karen Engelke

We are back to our Wednesday night light meal and Bible Study! So excited to be back together. This is what we do on Wednesday nights… 6:30 we all come together and share a light meal. Several have shared their culinary skills with us so it’s never the same an ALWAYS so good! Then at […]

Good Friday

by Karen Engelke

Today is the day that we observe the death of Jesus on the cross. I pray that you will find the time…Yes, I said ‘find’ because it won’t just happen…find the time to sit and feel. I would suggest you get a Bible and turn to Isaiah 53 and read a prophecy of the Christ […]

Sunday April 9, 2017

by Karen Engelke

This Sunday I am showing the video Sermon by Ken Davis “Super Sheep.” Ken is a Christian Comedian and one of the best. You will enjoy his sermon. I’ve watched it several times and get a little more out of it each time I watch it. Come join us at 11 am (actually come earlier […]

Easter Thoughts

by Karen Engelke

It’s Palm Sunday this Sunday and Easter is just a week away. There are so many emotions that we go through at this time of year…all appropriate. There is a deep grieving that our hearts should go through as we remember the awful price that Jesus had to pay because of our sin. And that […]

This Morning’s Service

by Karen Engelke

Thank you so much to Cheri O’Dell for a great message this morning. A Little bit of an ‘ouch’ but something I needed to hear. Love this church and who we get to do church with. Have a great week!